Benefits of Mulching Soil Surface in Organic Gardening


Benefits of Mulching Soil Surface in Organic GardeningWhat does exactly mulching mean? Mulching is the process of applying materials placed over the surface of the soil which can maintain its moisture and improves the condition. It reduces water loss, minimize the competition with weeds and importantly to improve the structure of soil. That is why it is considered a good practice for organic gardening most particularly in times of drought season. Not only it can conserve the moisture of soil, but also can cool it.

Mulching could be a means of an art for it can improve your landscape providing it a handsome as well as a well-groomed structure giving it a well-cared look. Take into consideration it’s proper usage because it can cause severe harm to plants when not applied properly. If used according to what it is for, you can harvest its overwhelming benefits. As stated above, it can help maintain the soil moisture for it can reduce evaporation and the need of watering plants can be minimized as well. Most of the mulch types also can improve the aeration of soil and its drainage over time comes. Some of the mulches can also improve the fertility of soil. Thus, it also serves as insulator for it keeps the soil warmer during the winter season and a little cooler when summer comes. A layer of the mulches can improve the fertilization of the soil which also helps much in organic gardening.

When doing mulching, be sure to inspect the plants and the soil in the place you want to be mulched. Determine the availability of adequate drainage. Check whether there are plants that can be affected when you will be working with your mulching procedure. Sort the area if there are still mulches present. If you see some mulches, rake it or you can improve its appearance with a water soluble spray or a vegetable-based type of dye. Organic mulches are of higher preference rather than using the inorganic materials because it can enhance the property of the soil. If an organic kind of mulch is used, the plants would be well aerated as well as composted. If there are any drainage problems in the area that should be mulched then it is advised that a thinner layer must be done.

Through all the gardening method comes your way always remember that there is still a process suiting the exact organic gardening needs you absolutely looking for.

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