Zero-Waste Gift Guide for Earth Lovers


With the countdown to the holidays flying by, I thought I would share my zero-waste gift guide for the nature lover in your life. This gift guide has the environment in mind, while also not filling their house with tons of products. For me, experiences are far more memorable than any of the items you could purchase on Black Friday.  Gift guides don’t have to be all about products that you can purchase, consider some of these gift-giving alternatives.


Donate to World Wildlife Fund (WWF)Zero-Waste Gift Guide for Earth Lovers


Perhaps your loved one cares for wild animals and would love to see them receive some help. Making a donation in their name is a great way to do a good deed and give a gift at the same time. Last year a friend donated to their local dog shelter in my name. I totally appreciated that more than getting flowers, which would have eventually died.

If you really want a tangible gift to give when you donate to WWF, you can opt to receive a physical gift as well. Gifts vary depending on your donation amount. They range from calendars and tote bags to clothing and a photobook.


Donate to a Local Animal Shelter
Zero-Waste Gift Guide for Earth Lovers


Perhaps your gift recipient would prefer you give to local domesticated animals, like dogs or cats. Try donating to a local animal shelter or animal rescue. By donating this will help all those cute puppies who are given as gifts.  The unsuspecting people receive them without understanding all the work that goes into having a pet.  Unfortunately then they end up in the shelters by New Years.  Making their gift as personal as possible really does show that you care. Find your or your gift recipient’s local animal shelter here.


Give Them Nature

Zero-Waste Gift Guide for Earth Lovers


Lots of people enjoy fresh cut flowers as a gift. I’ve heard there are many benefits of them, but I’ve never been a fan. Why not give the gift that keeps on growing? Opt to give a potted plant instead of cut flowers. That way the plant will continue to grow and always give them something great to look at and think of you.

In addition to the usual Christmas poinsettia plant, potted bulbs are a great option that blooms every year. A bamboo plant or amaryllis are great plant choices as well!


Send Them to a Movie

Zero-Waste Gift Guide for Earth Lovers

No, I’m not talking about the latest Johnny Depp flick. Instead, there are some great eco-friendly documentaries out there, that aren’t on Netflix. These independent movies allow you to purchase or rent them online, so you can send a link directly to your recipient.   Lately I’ve been loving “Reuse Because” since it has such a simple and direct message about the trash we create.

You can create a movie watching gift basket with some bulk peanuts, my favorite popcorn kernels and homemade brownies in mason jars. I even used real pine branches and pine cones take from the stock of branches I have to make homemade wreaths.  I couldn’t resist when I saw a neighbor taking down some branches which he was just going to throw out.  For some eco-friendly Netflix documentaries I’ve recommended check out my post here.


Create Your Own Memorable Gift

Zero-Waste Gift Guide for Earth Lovers

Personally made gifts by you are always appreciated. I tend to go for making gifts instead of purchasing them, especially if it’s something they need. My DIY Custom Cufflink Gift was a hit last year when I gave it for Christmas. It can also easily be turned into a necklace pendent if you’re not gift-giving to a guy.


Whatever the gift you choose, make sure it’s something from the heart. Anyone can head out to the store and pick something off the shelf. Remember, especially during the holidays – less is more!


Happy Holidays from!

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